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Sojourn is a full service travel agency specializing in cruises and group travel. We strive to take care of the details, offering you peace of mind while you prepare for your trip. We offer: cost and time savings, discounts, amenities and exclusive deals, especially for group travelers. We also pride ourselves in making any budget work. We strive to offer affordable luxurious  vacations as well as lavish vacations for our high rollers.
"I want to share my love of culture and travel with you." - Omikunle
So where would you like to go? I absolutely love to travel and seeing the world. In 2018 I traveled to Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Pico, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados, California, Atlanta, Florida, and Texas. In 2017, I traveled to England, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany, and many cities Stateside. My love for travel began with an amazing two week  vacation in Ghana in 2016. 
Omikunle Ashley Freeze Ekundayo is a daughter, sister, friend, lover of learning and so much more. She is a mental health clinician and an intuitive holistic health practitioner based in New York City. Omikunle treats her clients ‘wholistically’ using traditional natural medicine, yoga, energy healing, meditation, among other healing modalities. Omikunle also offer a range of online courses, in person workshops and international retreats which highlight soulcare, mental health, traditional self-health and spiritual development. Omikunle is the founder of The Omiwali Center and Sojourn.

The Omiwali Center